-Our Vision-

To be the central learning facility for our local community, delivering high quality,
innovative educational programs which support lifelong learning for all.

-Our Mission-

We provide the opportunity for every learner to reach their full potential
within a supportive, challenging and flexible environment.

-Our Code of Conduct-

Is based around our three core school values:  Respect, Safety and Learning.
Our students are expected to demonstrate these values in everyday school life
through positive choices and responsible behaviour.



It is important for young people to gain a good understanding of all subject disciplines in order to make informed choices for their future. We place emphasis on developing the literacy, numeracy and general capabilities that are required for every learning area, therefore all teachers at our school are highly skilled literacy and numeracy teachers.

Our school week consists of classes in compulsory Australian Curriculum subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Health and Physical Education; and in our options program, which includes academic extension subjects, vocational enterprise, sports training, performing and visual arts and flexible and personalised learning.



We are flexible in our approach and emphasise supporting students with individual learning and personal interests, therefore we offer wide-ranging choice through our options subjects for students in Grades 8, 9 and 10, a large selection which rivals many larger high schools.  Examples of options classes we offer are listed below:

• Catering  • Dance Choreography  • Shine Academy for Girls
• Music Studies  • Visual Art  • Music Performance  • Science Extended
• Sports Science  • Dance Production  • Textiles/craft  • Sports Leadership
• Online and ICT  • Photography  • Physical Recreation  • Writers’ Workshop
• Human Science  • Drama performance  • Outdoor Education
• Maths Extended  • Materials Design & Technology  • Advanced MDT
• Playgroup/child studies  • Art Portfolio



The creative and performing arts are a strong part of school life at Bayview Secondary College.  Our Music department has been a state-wide leader in contemporary rock music for over a decade, our Drama department undertake regular productions, and our Dance program is a state leader in contemporary dance, bringing national superstars such as Timomatic, Lamb, and Justice Crew to the state to work with our students on major dance projects each year. Students regularly perform at assemblies and community events, as well as creating their own collaborative projects and shows.

Our Visual arts program produces work of outstanding quality, with a showcase and exhibition each year, and our annual Arts Evening provides students with the opportunity to be part of either the technical crew, to showcase their work or perform at the event.



Our school has a proud sporting culture and we offer a wide range of sporting activities and carnivals.  Students are able to participate in school sports exchanges and after school and daytime sports rosters. Students participate in sports such as Netball, Football, Cricket, Swimming, Touch Football, Soccer, Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Surfing. Our Outdoor education class enjoy a variety of extended options, e.g. bike riding, camping, rafting, rock climbing, and kayaking.

Athletic, Swimming and Cross Country teams representing Bayview Secondary College compete in inter-school carnivals. School teams are established for special events such as Mud Runs and Charity Runs. Many of our students participate in individual sports, such as horse riding, or competitive boxing.  We have a new fitness and athlete development centre which enables students to work towards competition at the highest level. Our representation at State and National level in sport has been exceptional throughout our proud history and we have many sporting ambassadors who regularly support our students through motivational speeches, workshops, and fitness training.



The Grade 7 team provides a smooth and supportive transition from Primary School. The classes work in a secure and structured environment with a curriculum emphasising the development of literacy and numeracy skills. A core focus is harmony, so that students of different schools come together positively, and form new friendships to see them through four years of high school.

The Grade 7 cohort is based in the new Student Learning Centre (SLC) which is a modern, state of the art facility. Each Grade 7 class works with one or two core teachers in their own classroom space, which assists in relationship building, focussed pastoral care and inclusive personalised learning plans.

Grade 8 students are also part of our junior school, and spend their core teaching time with two or three core teachers. They have the opportunity to participate in our options program along with senior students. This is an opportunity to expand their relationships, and for a focussed and targeted core learning program leading into the senior years.



Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 make up the Senior School at Bayview Secondary College. They are located in a purpose built teaching and learning space, and work closely with their core teachers to achieve academic excellence and personal growth. There is an emphasis on pastoral care and individualised learning to ensure all learning styles are recognised and supported. Students are encouraged to participate in opportunities linked with community and business partners such as work and industry placements.

In addition to core subjects, students choose a number of options subjects which provide real world opportunities to extend their personal skills through entrepreneurial, creative and personalised activities, for example; attending Outdoor Education camps or elite fitness training, achieving Barista or RSA hospitality standard qualifications, working with industry specialists through an MDT partnership, or working as Child and Family Centre volunteers.