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School Information for Parents

Welcome from the Principal, Gill Berriman

The Bayview story is an exciting one. Over the last 6 years the school has transformed into a vibrant learning community, proud of its long history, but even more proud of where we are going and how we have come to be here.

From 150 to more than 300 students over 4 years is a telling statistic. We are the fastest growing school in the state. I am actively enrolling students every week. Teachers are regularly contacting me to see if they can transfer here. The word is out and the story is compelling. Things have changed for the better and things have changed for the future.

We have an aspirational culture built on mutual respect. Our teachers are the best around, receiving state and national awards and recognition as leaders in the fields of STEM, the Arts, Humanities, and PE, just to name a few. Our leadership team have just been recognised on the international stage as an official ‘dream team’. We have been featured in a book that identified ten top schools around the world who had undergone an amazing and sustainable transformation. We are one of those schools - our story of change has gone international!

We enjoy stable leadership and have over the past 7 years – evidence shows stable leadership impacts positively on all areas of a school. Our community trust us because we are consistent, reliable and responsive to each student’s unique needs. We will walk alongside you for the journey through your child’s teenage years. We are experienced, highly skilled, and understand the needs of young people. We will know your child well.

Strong in our school are the Department of Education’s 4 values. Courage, Respect, Growth and Aspiration. We live these values and each grade focuses their attention on their own particular value. Year 7 is about Courage. We focus on positive education systems and have an established learning culture that supports success at school. All students here are encouraged to discover their potential and apply their unique character strengths to their learning.

Students who attend this school have a large range of opportunities to enhance their learning and develop their character. Whether it’s through the many leadership opportunities such as the Prefect Board, SRC, House captains, Peer Support, or through the support of our many partners as they engage in exciting extracurricular activities, through extended learning, or workplace experiences. We are unique in that we work very closely with business and industry partners, sports bodies, local council, and the University and TAFE to bring the curriculum alive. 

We are also one of only 6 schools in the state selected to run the innovative Collective Ed project over the next few years. This project aims to ‘do education differently’ and to support every student to achieve their TCE in year 12 and brings a resource of 5 additional staff into our school.

We are also a lead school within the teggana Collective, which includes every high school and College on the Eastern Shore. We all work together across our range of campuses, offering a study pathway for each student to enable them to complete year 12 in a way that best suits them.

We are currently working closely with the Clarence City Council as we develop a Master Plan for new sporting facilities and infrastructure for the south eastern Clarence region on the Bayview site. This is a very exciting prospect and we are working hard together to turn the concept into reality. 

I’m very proud to lead this school and excited for all that is to come as we grow and develop our site in the future. I encourage you to put your trust in us. We believe in treating every student as an individual and working together to see them thrive. We believe it takes a village to raise a child. 

Welcome to the new Bayview!

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