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Bayview Secondary College

School Information for Students

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Daily Routines


Doors Open – teachers on duty in Home Group rooms
8:45 - 9:10am
Group Time
9:10 - 10:20am
Period 1
10:20 - 10:45am
10:45 - 12:00pm
Period 2
12:00 - 1:10pm
Period 3
1:10 - 1:45pm
1:45 - 2:55pm
Period 4
End of day


  • Enter the building at 8.40 when the duty teacher opens the door. Go straight to your locker and get your books for Group Time and Period 1. Then go to your Group Time area.
  • If you need to go to the office, library or see another teacher, ask your Group Time Teacher first.


  • Go to your locker only at the beginning and at the very end of recess or lunch time.
  • You should not be in the building unless you are under a Teacher’s supervision.
  • Recess & lunch activities – 310, Library, Computer Lab, Dance, Music and Sport


If it is wet weather we open room 310 which is a relaxing activity area for students. You can eat in this room. Sometimes we also open the library for quiet relaxation but there is no food permitted)



You are expected to attend school every day. If you’re away from school for all or part of a day, you are required to bring a note from home and give it to your Home group Teacher, or ask an adult from home to phone the school. If you know you are going to be away from school for a long time, please let us know. Your Group Time teacher can arrange for work to be sent home for you to do.

Sometimes you may have a medical or dental appointment and will have to leave school during the day or arrive late. (If possible though, arrange these appointments out of school time)

  • Bring a note from home from parent/carer and ask your Grade Manager to initial it and give you a pass. When you have to leave, take your pass to the Office and sign out.


Bayview Secondary College is a full uniform school. We have a strong policy about what is uniform and what is not. Please read this carefully if you are unsure what you can and can’t wear to school.

If at any time you are out of uniform you must bring a note from home stating clearly the reason, and seek a uniform pass from your Grade Manager who will also provide you with uniform (where available) for the day.

You are not permitted to wear hooded tops or T-shirts/flannel shirts with offensive symbols or pictures, even if you have a uniform pass for the day. Please refer to our student uniform agreements so that you know what is ok as school uniform.

Each year grade 10’s have the opportunity to earn the right to order a leavers hoodie. This is a privilege you can look forward to in year 10 provided that you support the uniform policy in grades 7-9.

Year 11/12 students have their own uniform which identifies them as members of our community.

Student Support

We encourage students to contact their home group teacher in the event of a personal issue.

If the matter is urgent, or very important, the Grade manager is usually the best person to talk to, followed by the Assistant Principal or Principal if available.

Every lesson there is a senior staff person available on call to assist with urgent matters, so there is no excuse for not seeking help and support. Contact the office to assist with locating a senior staff member to assist with any issue.

If you have a personal problem you would like to discuss in more detail, you could see the School Psychologist or Social Worker. You will need to talk to your Home group Teacher or your Grade Manager about how to make an appointment. You can also pass on a message through the school office to seek an appointment if the matter is highly confidential.

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