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Bayview Secondary College


‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Nowhere is this truer than at Bayview Secondary College. Working closely with families from day 1, we work collaboratively to access the supports available within local community, mentors, external organisations, and business and industry partners to build networks around each student and to enhance our social capital. Students are provided with many opportunities to engage with local and global issues as informed and active citizens, for example; through charity work, leadership opportunities, sustainability and ‘paddock to plate’ programs, performing arts, creative design and solution-based thinking through our STEAM curriculum, and through business and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our Partners 

We have a strong business network where community and local partners work closely with the school in mutually beneficial partnerships. Many new partners are set to increase their presence at Bayview Secondary College in the coming years, providing support and opportunities for students within our five pillars for success – Academic and Vocational, Business and Entrepreneurial, Citizenship and Community, Culture and Identity, and Sport. Together we really can achieve more and we are working together to build a truly aspirational community.

Our 3 year Collective Ed partnership also focuses on supporting and retaining all students in a year 12 pathway through a collaborative approach. This is a considerable resource and we are one of only 6 schools in the State participating in this project to ‘do education differently’.
Bayview Secondary CollegeTogether We Thrive