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Tasmanian Certificate of Education 

The TCE, issued by TASC is an important qualification for students to attain at the end of Year 12. If you are in Year 10 you should plan your study program so that you can gain this qualification over years 11 and 12. The TCE will only be issued to students who meet its requirements. 

How do you qualify? 

The TCE is a qualification that has five standards. 

You will need to: 

  • complete a full program of study as part of your senior secondary education and training (participation and achievement) 
  • meet the requirements for everyday adult reading, writing and communication (literacy skills) 
  • meet the requirements for everyday adult mathematics (numeracy skills) 
  • meet the requirements for everyday adult use of computers and the internet (ICT skills) 
  • develop and review plans for your future (pathway planning) 
Participation and Achievement 

You need to gain at least 120 credit points, with 80 at Level 2 (or above) in order to qualify for the TCE. VET programs and TASC subjects all contribute credit points to the TCE. Each TASC subject and VET program has designated credit points.  When you enroll, staff will help you calculate your credit points. 

Literacy, Numeracy and ICT Skills 

In order to gain the TCE, you will need to demonstrate that you have met basic standards in these areas in years 11 and 12. Most students will do this through successful completion of appropriate subjects and programs. When you enrol, our counsellors will assist you to choose subjects or short courses that enable you to meet these requirements. 

Pathway Planning 

During Year 10 you will have developed a Transition Plan. During Year 11 you will need to review plans for your future education, work or training. It is expected that students will meet this requirement by actively participating in the Support Group program at Rosny. 

Qualifications Certificate 

At the completion of your studies, you will be issued with a Qualifications Certificate by TASC. This will list all the TASC subjects and vocational programs that you have successfully completed in Years 11 and 12, whether you have met the requirements of the TCE or not. 

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