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English Applied 

English Applied is designed to consolidate and refine the skills and knowledge needed by learners to become confident, competent and engaged users of English in many contexts including everyday individual, community, and workplace contexts. This course will develop learners’ language and literacy skills to enable them to communicate successfully, both orally and in writing. 

English Foundations 

English Foundations focuses on developing learners’ analytical, creative, critical thinking and communication skills in all language modes. It encourages learners to engage with texts from their contemporary world and with texts from Australian and other cultures. This course is designed as a pathway to a Level 3 English course. 

History and the Environment 

This course enables learners to study ways that human activity has impacted our environment. Learners will examine how historical factors in ancient China, India and Australia have shaped their world. With a focus on both the ancient and recent past, the course allows learners to examine the world through case studies on threatened species and modernisation in Asia. 

Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 

Introduction to Sociology and Psychology uses an interdisciplinary approach through which learners develop an understanding of themselves and other individuals, groups and institutions within society and across cultures. It explores common human experiences and the interaction between motivation and behaviour. Through evidence based research and using the lenses of sociology and psychology, learners are encouraged to ask critical questions about social phenomena.

Tasmanian Aboriginal Studies 

Tasmanian Aboriginal Studies provides learners with the opportunity to study the ancient and continuing culture of Tasmania’s Aboriginal people. The course includes units on country and place, culture and people, concluding with a personal inquiry on a relevant topic selected by the student. This course will support students in their development of knowledge and understanding of the rich history and heritage of Tasmanian Aboriginal people. 

Workplace Maths 

Workplace Maths Level 2 focuses on enabling students to use maths to make informed decisions in their daily lives. The emphasis of Workplace Maths is to provide students with the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to solve problems in real contexts for a range of workplace, personal, further learning and community settings. 

General Mathematics - Foundation 

Studying General Mathematics – Foundation Level 2 provides the student with a breadth of mathematical experience that enables the recognition and application of mathematics to real-world situations. Learners solve applied problems of concepts and techniques drawn from the content areas of linear equations, measurement and right angle trigonometry, consumer arithmetic, matrices, graphs and networks, and univariate data analysis. 

Life Sciences 

Life Sciences is the study of the diversity of life: as it has evolved, as it functions and how it interacts with the environment. It focuses on investigations of living systems at the subcellular, cellular and organism level. Learners explore and explain everyday observations, find solutions to biological issues, and understand the processes of biological continuity and change over time.

Physical Sciences – Foundation  

Physical Sciences - Foundation aims to equip students with skills and knowledge in physical sciences to apply basic principles to explain observations of the properties and behaviour of matter and natural phenomena that occur in the real world. 


Dance familiarises students with the skills of dance making, participation, and responding. It offers valuable creative experiences for those wishing to engage in Dance for fun, or to continue further study in the Arts. Dance students develop essential movement skills and alignment principles, whilst collaborating on group and solo choreography. These performance pieces are shared in formal and informal settings throughout the year. Safe Dance practice is embedded into all classes. Learners view professional dance works and respond to these works via written tasks. 

Drama Foundations 

This course introduces learners to the foundations of Drama. Learners acquire skills in collaborative processes, imaginative exploration of ideas and beliefs, and the appreciation of drama as an art form.  Performance pieces are developed individually, and in groups, and shared in formal and informal settings throughout the year. 

Design and Production 

Design and Production develops design thinking, systems thinking and project implementation skills which typify contemporary design practice. A range of technological skills are developed through the use of tools and equipment to transform materials to meet a need in areas such as furniture and homewares, clothing and fashion and tools and devices. At Bayview, students can specialise in Wood or Metals.  

Media Foundations 

This practical course provides the skills, knowledge and understandings for students to tell their own stories and interpret stories of others through the process of analysis and production. Learners will develop a practical folio of completed products reflective of the Journalism, Advertising and Narrative units. 

Athlete Development 

Athlete Development focuses on sports-specific learning. The course prepares students with the necessary critical elements leading to an improvement in their chosen sport, emphasising technical development, physical preparation and sports specific knowledge. 

Community Sport and Recreation 

Students studying Community Sport & Recreation will develop physical sport and recreation skills, knowledge and understanding of health and fitness concepts, and the capacity to work constructively with others. This subject has both practical and theoretical components. 

Outdoor Experiences 

Outdoor Experiences provides an opportunity for students to connect with a range of outdoor activities. Students participate in selected leisure activities, outside the scope of sport or competition. This allows them to explore the physical, social and emotional benefits of high-quality outdoor recreation experiences. 

Personal Health and Wellbeing 

Personal Health and Wellbeing has been developed for students seeking to improve their personal fitness, increase their self-awareness and broaden their understanding of personal care, good health and wellbeing issues. 

Sport and Recreation Experiences 

Participation in sport and recreation activities can play a significant role as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. In this course students will participate in a range of sport and recreation activities designed to broaden their experience and involvement in physical activities.  

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