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Bayview Secondary College

English, Humanities and Social Sciences


English at Bayview Secondary College provides all our students with a way to view the world and experience it through a variety of means. Our students learn about the power and value of the English language for communication, learning and enjoyment. They develop proficiency in English to become confident communicators, critical and imaginative thinkers, and lifelong learners. Our teachers use a range of activities involving speaking and listening, reading and writing, and viewing and representing to develop language skills and develop a love of language, literature and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to look at the world through the lens of people from all walks of life and engage with a variety of print, spoken, visual, media, multimedia and digital texts.

We also strive to cater for a variety of students’ strengths and attributes in English. This ensures we can support the needs of our learners with literacy support but also develop depth and rigor through extension activities. Our highly experienced teaching team strive to inspire a love of learning and literature through their captivating teaching.


We offer the study of Languages to both strengthen essential skills in literacy but also to foster intellectual and emotional development, and cultural understanding. At Bayview Secondary College we recognize the learning of Languages encourages more effective engagement within our global community and introduces students to reflect on their own heritage, culture and identity.

Humanities and Social Sciences

At Bayview Secondary College our students develop knowledge of the world we live in, how it has been shaped and how we can participate as global and informed citizens. Through the study of Humanities and Social Sciences subjects, including HASS, ATSI and Cultural Education and Human Science, we connect our teaching and learning to the real world giving students opportunities to think critically, understand and solve problems, ask questions, communicate effectively, face challenges, make decisions and adapt to change. 

Compulsory and optional subjects include:

  • English
  • HASS
  • Human Science (Intro to Psychology and Sociology)
  • ATSI and Cultural Education
  • Languages (Japanese, Spanish)
  • Online learning – creative writing, languages (Chinese, French, Indonesian)
  • Frank MacDonald Memorial History prize
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