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The Bayview Way

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

Every student in our college, is a unique person and has equal importance with every other student. All students have the same rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities are specifically explained in our agreed code of conduct. At Bayview Secondary College, we support our students to follow our code of conduct in the following ways:

Bayview Secondary College has a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS): the framework outlines the priorities and strategies the college is implementing to create safe and inclusive learning and working environments

Whole school approaches include:

  • Embedding school values (e.g. The Bayview Way and our positive behaviour matrix, our school ‘catch phrases’ and explicit teaching of these)
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Whole-school programs (e.g. Respectful Relationships, School Wide Positive Behaviour for Learning, Mindfulness, eSmart Schools and Positive Education) and;
  • Bullying prevention through the curriculum (e.g. anti-bullying/anti-harassment guidelines, cyber safety education, social and emotional learning)

Early intervention strategies at Bayview Secondary College include:

  • Pastoral care and risk-management systems (e.g. teachers responsible for pastoral care).
  • Embedding of bullying, cyberbullying and cyber safety learning across the curriculum. 
  • Strategies for early intervention with individuals (e.g. support from specialist staff, individual behaviour plans).
  • Strategies for early intervention with groups of students (e.g. targeted delivery of social and emotional learning).

Processes for responding to bullying and cyberbullying include:

  • Clear and documented processes for reporting and recording incidents of bullying. 
  • Resources can be provided to parents/carers (e.g. Parent fact sheet on Staying Safe in Tasmanian Government Schools).
  • Support for all students who have been involved in bullying (e.g. School Psychologist/Social Worker contact details).
  • Strategies for restoring and rebuilding relationships (e.g. restorative practices, support group method, method of shared concern, mediation, harassment reports).
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