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Bayview Secondary College

Personalised and flexible learning

Students at Bayview Secondary College have the opportunity to participate in a personalised curriculum that is tailored to their own needs and interests, as well as undertaking a core curriculum that is centred on the knowledge, skills, capabilities and conceptual understandings outlined in the Australian Curriculum. Students are supported to develop their own personalised learning plans, designed to assist them with their pathway to college or further vocational training.

At Bayview Secondary College we believe that students learn best in a supportive, engaging and personalised environment. This means that the best learning space for every student is not always within the four walls of the classroom.

Depending on personal circumstances, goals and specific needs, it may be that students learn best from home, through study online, at alternative learning sites, through work placements and college based apprenticeships, or perhaps through a combination of all of these!

Starting in 2018, we will focus our Grade 9/10 program towards Industry Pathway Planning, working closely with our Collective Education team around further education and employment.

Our 7/8’s will also share the direction of further education by focussing on achieving required literacy and numeracy levels across the college and for the workforce.

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